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About the Project

As Project Manager, I was tasked with creating the Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate: A 200-page full color, full bleed, large-format, non-fiction book in both English and Arabic that highlights the environmental heritage of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.  It is divided into two sections:

  • The Story: The first half of the atlas is filled with graphical and artistic depictions of the geological and cultural history, status and future of Abu Dhabi Emirate.  These designs run alongside textual descriptions that are both informative and minimally invasive
  • Cartography: The second half of the atlas is dedicated to cartographic Abu Dhabi Emirate maps.  These maps, along with descriptive text, indicate the results of environmental and geological studies carried out by EAD, its partners and other organizations.

Project Background

The atlas was conceived to raise awareness about the environment of Abu Dhabi and to showcase EAD and AGEDI efforts to improve access to and quality of environmental data in the Emirate.  There are many publications on Abu Dhabi’s natural environment and several atlases – many of them published by other EAD departments.  The distinction between this atlas and others, however, is target audience.  While most publications on the environment were written by scientists, for scientists, this atlas targets a non-technical audience.  The atlas seeks to bridge the gap between scientific research and the public conscience and in so doing, its content will promote better understanding of and greater respect for the unique natural heritage of the Emirate and the Arabian Gulf region.  High-level decision makers are a key audience that this atlas intends to influence. An excerpt from the Environmental Atlas scope document:

“The Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi will be different.   It aims to… embrace a wider readership in an innovative and compelling manner.  It will present information in a narrative framework, interwoven with complementary stories, case studies, facts and statistics, illustrative figures, anecdotes, photographs and thematic maps that highlight the most significant environmental aspects of the Emirate.  In this way, the Atlas will present concepts and scientific information in a manner that is understandable to a wide audience. 
The Atlas will showcase the remarkable story of Abu Dhabi’s environmental heritage and highlight its profound influence on the past, present and future of human and cultural development.  By informing and educating the reader, it will raise awareness and present a call for action to protect the environmental richness and diversity of the Emirate.” 

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