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Enticing Amazon to create their #HQ2 in the Sacramento region

In 2017, Amazon announced they would build another ‘headquarters’, which would be similar in size to their current HQ in Seattle. For the Sacramento region, I led the effort to quickly and nimbly build a proposal for attracting Amazon to our region. This included several elements, some of which are highlighted below:

Proposal Hosted on a Dedicated Landing Page

I secured ‘’ as a nod to Jeff Bezo’s history with The full site can be accessed by following the link below with the password: dayone

VR Goggles

We created 360 degree video footage of our region to fully immerse Amazon execs in what we have to offer.  5 sets of goggles were sent alongside our printed proposal to the review committee.

Social Media Ad Campain

We created a comprehensive social media ad campaign, derived from a ‘Future is Here’ there (See imagery below). This is an artists’ rendering that merges the Sacramento landscape with a ‘futuristic’ city.