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Project Background


Eye on Earth focused on many topics related to environmental information networking, including Disaster Management, Oceans & Blue Carbon, Water Security, Innovative Cities, Networks Beyond Information Technology – and more. Working Groups and Open Sessions will helped reach a consensus on the key data and information issues that Rio +20 needs to focus on. These will be presented to Rio + 20 by AGEDI, on behalf of the Eye on Earth Community in the Eye on Earth Declaration.

The Summit

Over four days Eye on Earth addressed the crucial importance of environmental and societal information and networking to decision-making. On the final day, the Summit delivered its conclusions, special initiatives and a declaration towards Rio+20. Keynote speakers throughout the four days of the Summit included President Bill Clinton and H.E. Dr Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahd, UAE Minister of Environment and Water.

The Exhibition

The Exhibition featured the best in new geospatial observation and data processing technologies. Highlights included the Abu Dhabi Pavilion, Technology Showcase, Innovation Forum, and the One UN Pavilion that brought together UNEP and other UN agencies, funds and programmes to display information and products that illustrate the multi-dimensional international work the UN is doing in the area of environmental data and information.

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Countries Represented
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Comments


Fact Sheet



The declaration Eye on Earth participants agreed a few minutes ago states an intention to develop further the Eye on Earth Community, supported and facilitated by UNEP and AGEDI, to progress the special initiatives and other such projects and programs, both existing and in the future... ...In our view, this Eye on Earth Summit in Abu Dhabi demonstrates leadership in a region that has enormous potential – a region that is currently under-recorded and under-represented in the effort to build global networks that work together for sustainability and the protection of environmental and human health. To us, the Eye on Earth Summit is a beacon to others throughout this region – in this neighborhood, if you will – offering to help all in this neighborhood claim their rightful place in the global effort... ...If this baseline is established, and we believe it is well underway, there are many others throughout the global community who are already helping and stand ready to do even more. Capacity building, in particular, seems to be an area where the forward march of the Eye on Earth can make a real difference. We need to find myriad ways to integrate the wealth of information that already exists into decision-making efforts at the national and sub-national level for the benefit of people from all walks of life and for nations as a whole...

Daniel A. Reifsnyder Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, United States of America